Packing Day at 7 Park St.

So hopefully most of you already know our exciting news that Adam was recently hired at Atlantic Shores Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia as the Middle School Youth Pastor.

Our house is on the please pray for us that things go smoothly in the midst of a crazy real estate market and that the right buyer comes along. So with all that said, we knew packing and moving had to be carefully orchestrated since Adam was already scheduled to be away this summer at Commissioned Officers Training in Alabama. Pretty much we knew we had to pack our house before he left. We were so thankful for everyone who helped us with the packing. Adam's dad flew in for the weekend to help with the packing and then to drive one of our cars back to Virginia so I would only be left with one vehicle to get back to Virginia. Then Saturday we had the best packing team's help made up of Colleen, Colleen's Adam, Joe, Adam's dad and my Adam who arrived after taking one last final and me of course.

Here are the guys packing the POD. We pretty much got our whole house into this small space. Adam and his dad had it down to a science!
Packing the last few items got very interesting, but we got it all in there.

Here's our POD. What a great invention...we can pack in Mass., ship to Virginia and store it there in a warehouse till we're ready to move into our next place. Pretty sweet!
A goofy moment packing with the guys. We're always having a good time!

So all the packing was done by noon because Adam and his dad had gotten a good headstart the past couple of days. So the POD was picked up that afternoon, a couple days early, which was such a relief because we wouldn't have to worry about complications on Tuesday when Adam had already left and I was at school.

So after all the packing was wrapped up it was off to Salem Beer works to thank our packing team and for one last hang out session at one of our favorite watering holes before Adam shipped off to Pastor Boot Camp.

Then to top off the day, Stacey Fink and her boyfriend Jeff happened to be in the New England area on a road trip. So they got to the house just in time to visit Salem Beer Works. They stayed with us that night in a pretty empty house, but hey at least they can say they saw it, and of course we had to bake chocolate chip cookies that night because it's a Stacey and Jess tradition.

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