Summer recap- visiting my Big Sis Liz

So my last visit in Atlanta was with Liz, my Big Sis from my sorority. We celebrated 4th of July weekend together and what a fantastic time it was!

Here we are at her complex's pool for an inpromptu 4th of July cookout.
Me and Liz and her boyfriend Dan.
We went to see an oh so patriotic fireworks show at Stone Mountain Park!

Liz and her honey watching the lazerlight and fireworks show.

We had brunch at the great little place called the Flying Biscuit. Liz tells me the restaurant was started by the Indigo Girls.

That night we went with Dan and few of their other friends to see a hilarious comedy called Jewtopia. If the shows comes to your town, you should go see it. It was hilarious how they played off all the typical Jewish stereotypes.
Later that night Liz practiced her Torah portion because the next weekend was her synagogue's huge anniversary and she had to read the Torah portion because her family is the oldest in attendance there.
My last night there we had dinner with two of our other Gamma Phi sisters who reside in Atlanta.

It was such a fun visit and I was so glad I got to finally catch up with Liz and her busy life in Atlanta. Thanks for having me!

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