Adam graduates from COT!

So I was able to make it to Montegomery, Alabama to see Adam graduate from his Commissioned Officers Training.

Here is the parade field and the parade has begun. Do you see Adam up front?

Adam and two other officers stood in front of the parade field. That's why they are walking in a cluster of three rather than with their flights. It was pretty cool that he was volunteered to do that!

Here's Adam saluting the flag as it goes by in the parade to be followed by all of the flights.

Close up of my airforce chaplin! Just look at him, he is so official!

Tango Flight, which was Adam's, is parading by.
Adam rejoined his flight in the back to take his oath with everyone.

Congrats to all the COT's where they toss their caps.

Adam standing beside the Airforce moto after graduating.
My husband, the commissioned officer and chaplin candidate and me, his proud wife!

Adam and his roommate

TANGO FLIGHT, good luck to you all!

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