Retro post: Happy Thanksgiving

I hosted Thanksgiving Dinner this year and made my FIRST turkey!
I love hosting holiday meals...why you may ask? Well I have all this beautiful china and a lovely dining room and I love when I get to put it all to good use. I also enjoy having everyone over.

We hosted Thanksgiving with my parents, Anna and Chris, Chris's mom and the Bilbreys.
It was a festive turkey day and I had much to be thankful for...including a delicious turkey!

Just look at my bird!
I got a new table linens for the occasion!
Everyone ready to dig you all!
The photos above were taken with instagram as I was cooking and preparing...
below are the photos we had fun taking after dinner with my real camera, haha.
Hanging out

Escapades trying to take a photo with the little one...SMILE REAGAN!
We all got a good laugh out of it!

The evening was made complete when Samson made a new friend...he was really good with Reagan for the most fact they were both quite hilarious.
This photo (above) makes me laugh.
Samson really was a gentleman...
He was very good with her even when she had his ball and was trying to play keep away.
The night wrapped up with a kiss for Reagan and goodbyes for everyone else.
Happy Thanksgiving...I am so thankful and blessed!

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