Great Expectations II: 26 weeks

How Far: 26 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: No idea how I'm doing in terms of weight, but I feel hopefully I'm right on track.

In terms of clothes, it was a big week for the maternity wardrobe. I had to bust out what I like to call my "big girl" bras because I needed more coverage and support. It's funny that I've made it this long without wearing them, but the time has come. I think the girls didn't expand as quickly this time because I went from nursing to not nursing, so they shrunk and have taken a few months to begin preparing to nurse Jellybean. Crazy what our bodies are able to do to sustain life!

Also in maternity wardrobe news as I was packing up sweaters to lend to my sister who will be in her third trimester through the cooler fall months, I was lent a bunch of adorable tops that will hopefully help get me through my third trimester this summer. Thanks LINDS! I feel like I have so many warmer weather options now and a super cute updated maternity wardrobe without needing to spend a fortune. It's so great when you can share these items since you literally wear them for a somewhat short period of life and yet you need the clothes and they can really cost.

Cravings: Fruit salad! YUM!

Gender: I'm going to take this category out since I don't expect much to change here...I'll add it back in if something related comes up in the coming weeks.

Movement: The baby is continuously on the move when I'm still, especially when I lay down to begins the whole day and night confusion right! The baby is also up in my ribs this week! YIKES!

Symptoms: I feel like I am constantly having to pee...but such is pregnancy when a person is growing on top of your bladder I guess. I'm also on my zantac regimen because my heartburn is killer these days. Perhaps this baby will have a head of hair like Levi did.

Mental State: This was a fun week in terms of food for thought because Courtney and I traveled to Atlanta to visit our best friend Lindsey who just had her first baby six weeks ago on Easter. It was amazing to hold Ethan and think about having another little baby in my arms in just a few more months! Levi was great for my mom over the weekend while I was away. She would send me pictures of what they were up to periodically and he looks like such a little boy now rather than a baby, especially when compared with a now 9 lb, six week old baby. Baby's have such simple needs of eating, sleeping and needing fresh diapers in the beginning. Crazy to think we'll be back to basics soon while also balancing a toddlers needs. I know we'll figure out the balance, but it's going to be an adventure for sure! I'm so thankful I was able to go to Atlanta and actually help Linds with a number of new mom things from testing out baby carriers and playmats, to a little cooking, as well as rocking and changing little Ethan to give Mom a break. It really does take a village! It was so much fun catching up and sharing all sorts of motherly experiences.

Appointment Updates: No appointments this week.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to meet Ethan and spend quality time with Lindsey (and Courtney)!

Thanks Nana for helping Adam with Levi over the weekend, so I could go and actually be helpful rather than running around after my sweet toddler.

A behind the scenes moment from this week's photoshoot...Someone was not a huge fan this week of taking pictures...sorry little man, but you're pretty cute even when you're mad.

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