Happy Birthday Adam

Adam turned 26th on October 14th.
So we celebrated with late dinner that night when he got home from work and coaching at the cheering gym. I grilled steaks, sauteed onions and made his favorite homemade macaroni and cheese.
After dinner, there were some gifts of course. Here's one of his favorites from the evening.
You can never go wrong with Redskins gear!
Adam's a huge fan of Coldstone, so his mom picked up a Coldstone ice cream cake for him.
Then on Friday, we made plans to have dinner with my parents to celebrate his birthday again. He requested dinner at Zia's because he LOVES their veal saltimbocca. We happened to run into Will there (He does works there, so maybe that's why we ran into him...though he wasn't working that night...so just a festive coincidence).
After a tasty meal Adam had to blow out a candle, but not on a cake...instead it was on a cannoli!

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Another special friend shares the same Birthday as Adam... Happy Birthday Shelby too!!

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Cola said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!!!! I didn't know you share it with Shelby! I love the PJs....gotta bring them to the cabin next year!

Jess, I love the jacket! I think I may sign up for some of your Mom's classes!!!

Love you....Cola

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