Mountains Weekend 2008

Mountains Weekend 2008 had finally arrived and Adam and I were really looking forward to the weekend. It is after all one of our favorite weekends of the year as many of you will understand who have attended with me in one of the last 17 years. Wow...17 years, that would mean I began attending when I was 8 years old and my sister was still a baby. Boy have we all come along way since then!
Adam and I arrived at noon to take advantage of as much time as we possibly could at the cabin before we had to leave late Saturday night to be back for church Sunday morning since Adam is a pastor now.
Me and my hubby!Adam, Brad and Chloe in one of their favorite reading spots, right in front of the fireplace.My two wonderful moms enjoying a beautiful afternoon on the porch, rocking away.Me and my mommy at dinner time.
Cabin food is the best...Dinner tonight: ham, green beans, mash potatoes and macaroni and cheese.
Haley and Justin arrived just in time for dinner...great timing guys!
Cola and Dennis arrived soon after. Welcome back to the cabin Cola! We've missed you and boy how things have changed in all of our lives over the past few years since you were last here with us. Dan, Lisa, Dan's mom Leslie, and Haley's mom Leslie, Karen and Adam arrived soon after as well to round out the Cabin's group for this year. It was a full house as always. I LOVE HAVING A FULL HOUSE CABIN WEEKEND!Haley's reaction to an exciting moment when Dan and Lisa shared some exciting news! You may be able to guess...but I'll let them be the ones to actually tell you so check out their blog soon or give them a call.
Our 2008 mountains shot
(Haley frames a special shot each year of who was in attendance, here's this year's.) We even got a shot with some of our missing OSLers...Cola brought your pictures with her. My mom suggested we have a reunion one of these years. Any takers?You guys even had a place to fall asleep...we were having fun with you guys even in your absence. Hopefully you'll all be able to join us in the future like old times, just a little less honesty (wink).My sister and Will arrived late Friday night after he drove from Virginia Beach to Radford and then to the Cabin, which is in the Charlottesville area. It was a long day of driving for them, but couldn't compare with last year's drive which took her and her friends something like 6 hours to get there on Sunday and they only stayed till Monday. Needless to say, we'll take a late arrival on Friday any year over last year's late weekend arrival.

Robin and I threw a shower for Adam's cousin Sarah at Granny's Saturday morning, so we got back to the cabin around 3pm in time to visit the Apple Festival and relax away the afternoon. Adam and the guys hung out on the porch with Raph and Uncle Mark, the father and grandfather to be. When I got back Haley and Adam wandered down to the Festival with me and year after year it hasn't changed a bit.
Then it was back to the cabin to hang out some more. This was Will's first year at the Cabin...hopefully the first of many.Then Sarah and Aunt Caroline arrived after dropping off shower gifts at home and changing.
Even Amy made it over to our Cabin from hers that afternoon after the shower. She came up for the weekend to relax with her brother and a girlfriend.
It was like a mini-Herndon gathering Saturday afternoon. Look at all those Herndons gathered around the table!

Saturday night we all enjoyed a menu of Chicken and Peas followed by apple crisp made from the very apples purchased earlier in the day at the festival. The remainder of the evening was spent visiting with everyone on the porch and around the bonfire before Adam and I had to sadly hit the road. We crammed as much quality cabin time in with everyone as we possibly could and we went home relaxed and full of delicious cabin food. We're already looking forward to next year!


Melin said...

Love it, love it, love it! The weekend was just great; all of teh extra activities just made it more special. You are such a sweet sweet daughter and I love you dearly, Can't wait till next year and maybe some more of the osler's will be able to join us too, wouldn't that be a blast and a great reunion, tell all to start making plans! Love, Momma

Darren and Lindsey Dean said...

You guys are soooo sweet!! We definitely want to be on your VIP list next year for heading to the mountains! I would LOVE an OSL reunion, and absolutely promise to not come up with some random game to play!

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