Emily's Garden Wedding

Good friends of our family, Karen and RJ, had a garden wedding last weekend to celebrate their daughter Emily's wedding!It was quite the family affair. Emily's brothers were the Groomsmen. The Groom's son was the Best Man. Emily's mother was not only the Mother of the Bride, but the Maitren of Honor too and her cousins were the bridesmaids! It was a beautiful wedding!
Here are a few from the reception before I had to leave.

Congrats to the lovely Bride and handsome Groom!


Cola said...

Great pictures, Jess! Hmmm.....new job?

Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

I love outdoor weddings!

Celeste said...

Great pictures, Jess!

Adam and Jessica said...

Thanks guys! I REALLY enjoyed taking pictures. It was such a pretty wedding! I can't wait for the opportunity to be in a good spot for picture taking someday!

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