Trisha graduates

Liberty's graduation has doubled in size since Adam graduated four years ago. The family awaiting the commencement's beginning.
Ben Stein was the graduation key note speaker. He has quite a resume. I had no idea he was an economist as well as a speech writer for President Nixon as well as a prolife advocate who has just created a film on creationism on top of his acting gigs as the dry eyes guy.
After the large group ceremony, we all headed over to the Vine Center for the Arts and Sciences degrees to be awarded.By chance we happened to see DJ and Jessica Corkey graduate too. (DJ was Adam's college roommate. He had graduated earlier but never walked, so he graduated with his wife.) Then we all cheered as Trish recieved her diploma. She's the first to graduate college in her family. Everyone was so proud of her, especially for finishing with Bronson and Maeleigh.
Afterward we grabbed some pictures before heading out for a graduation celebration and cookout with all of Brent and Trisha's family.
Congrats Trisha!!
Here are some shots from hanging out with Brent, Trisha and the babies before and after graduation.

We helped out with bathtime, feeds and holding Maeleigh as well as playing with Bronson of course. We got him the cutest monkey whose shirt said "Just hanging around Liberty University".

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brent.roth said...

Awesome. Thanks jess!

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