Dr. Mom recieves her Ph.D!!!

Hampton University's gift for Mother's Day is always their graduation. Our very own Dr. Mom graduated from Hampton yesterday with her Ph.D. Pictured below is her regalea and Dr. Mom donning the new look for the first time. We watched the large group commencement from inside so Nana and Papa could stay put and comfortable.
Here's Dr. Mom getting ready to recieve her actual Ph.D!!Some proud family shots afterward at the university.Some family shots with the new Doctor at home as well. A toast, cheers to Dr. Mom!Graduation portraits
Mother's Day dinner followed!

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Graduation!

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Melin said...

Wow Jessica, Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures and having them on your blog so that I can have others look at them. I love you so much for all of the support and encouragement I recieved from you over the years, it was so helpful in achieving this final and LAST degree. Stick a fork in me I am done!! Love Dr. Momma

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