Chicago with the Carters

So after the first week back at was already time for a vacation. Not really, but we hadn't been out to Chicago in THREE years! Can you believe that, I certainly couldn't. I had missed an entire Carter apartment (tear). Well at least I got to see their new place, which I absolutley loved!

We got in late Thursday night and made our aquaintance with Violet, the new puppy. Very cute!
Friday (Day 1), Thais had to work so we had one on one time with Heath. Heath gave us our very own walking tour on Chicago's architectural highlights. Then we got to tour parts of Chicago's UNDERGROUND when we went to pick up their car, which has been towed earlier, from the Autopound! While we were "underground" we learned that parts of the new Batman movie are being filmed around Chicago's underground. You may not believe it, but we even caught a glimpse of a Gotham Cab. Check it out! That night we ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant, Dinotto. Yum! And we finally made it to a Second City Show. Hilarious! I loved it! Jess wants to know where she can audition?? Saturday (Day 2), Jess slept in while Adam CHOSE to go for an 18 mile run with the Carters who have been training for the Chicago Marathon that's coming up in October. The question everyone keeps asking, "Has Adam been training for a marathon?" The answer: "NO, but he has been running." Well he DID it! He ran all 18 miles and still had a breath to spare! So after some recovery time and a proud pat on the back from his wife, we were off to Gino's for deep dish pizza (a well deserved treat for the runners for sure). That night we all just relaxed around the Carter's new place.Sunday (Day 3), After visiting the Carter's church and seeing all the exciting changes that are going on there, we were off to Michigan for their friend, Lisa's 30th birthday celebration. This is the part of our trip that Thais says "broke the tourist mold" and it did! We got to stay at a beautiful cabin on Lake Michigan where we slept four to a bed. Man do I wish I had a picture of that. We were like pigs in a blanket lined up on a breakfast plate. We even got to listen to a REALLY rockin' folk band, The Corn Fed Girls.
Monday (Day 4), As we made our way back to Chicago for our 9 o'clock flight back to Boston, we took a detour through Grand Rapids where we ate lunch at an Irish pub, McFadden's, followed by a beer sampling at the Founders.
We had such a great time and we can't wait for our next big city adventure! This trip will definately be a hard one to beat.

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Heath&Thais said...

You were wonderful guests to have! We'll have to start brainstorming more fun things for your next visit.

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