Happy Turkey Day and 90th Birthday

This year we headed to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and a 90th surprise birthday celebration. After the surprise we enjoyed a delicious meal with choices galor at my uncle's country club and we enjoyed time catching up with our cousins who we hadn't seen since Andrea's wedding a year and a half ago.

Here's Papa being surprised...it took him a few minutes to catch on to the fact that not only were we celebrating Thanksgiving together, but my uncle was also throwing him a birthday party!

Papa thought the cake was a large card and even tried to open it until he realised it was a cake covered in icing with a picture of him from back his soldier days.

Nana was so excited to see everyone together for the holiday and to honor Papa on such a momentous birthday.

The girls are all grown up and the boys have been a fanstic addition to the family.

We ended the night sharing stories and catching up over a home cooked turkey at my uncle's kitchen table. It was a wonderful time spent with family and we were so thankful to be there with everyone, especially our Nana and Papa!

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