Anna and Jess's Boston Tea Party

So after a most festive Thanksgiving, Anna drove back to Boston with us to spend the weekend. We started out the weekend as goofy sisters will with lunch and a shopping trip.
We found these hilarious fighting holiday pens and made sure to buy a few because they were so entertaining!
The Reindeer gave Frosty a run for his money in the fight.
Go Rudolph GO!

Anna treated us to a yummy dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and the Boston Tea Party'll understand soon.

The next day we headed into Boston for the day. We started out at Faneuil Hall for lunch...New England chowder of course! Then we followed the Freedom Trail through Downtown Crossing and the Boston Common til we reached Newberry Street stopping at shops along the way. Then it was time to stop and warm up at a posh cafe to continue our Boston Tea Party.

Here we are enjoying our pot of tea at TeaLuxe.
Can't have tea without CRUMPETS! What's a crumpet? We decided it's like a combination of a pancake and an English muffin. Very interesting, but tasty too.

Cheers to our Boston Tea Party!
We spent Sunday at church, where I lead worship for the first time and then we had crepe wraps for a less than ordinary lunch and finished some Christmas shopping.
Anna is now an official Red Sox Fan and we'd like to welcome her to the Red Sox Nation family. We ended the night editing Anna's college essay and enjoying our first go at making fondu or should I say FUNDO.
It was such a fun filled visit and we certainly won't soon forget our own Boston Tea Party!

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Anonymous said...

you two have way too much fun together it's awesome! and i can't get over how nice anna looks with our kick ass hairdo. We should have all gone short years ago!

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