Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow

We've had a couple great snow storms already and it's only December. I think this winter wants to make up for last year's mild winter! Thursday I had a FUN four hour drive home from school in the midst of what's known as a WHITE OUT which means it's snowing so hard you can't really see much beyond your front bumper. Then Sunday, church was canceled due to another snow storm, this time teh snow came with winds too! FUN FUN! All I can say is we're definately having a white Christmas in New England, but we'll be headed home to Virginia where we hear the temperatures have been in the 70s! CRAZY!

Here's a shot of some of the aftermath of the storms around our house. More pictures will be coming so you can feel like you are here enjoying the weather with us. Oh and to top it all off...only ONE SNOW DAY so far! Not even a delay...like everyone keeps saying "welcome to the north".

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