The Christmas Season: Haley's Birthday & a snow day

Last weekend was Haley's birthday, but since I wasn't going to be able to take her out with everyone Saturday night I took her out Friday night instead. They had been calling for some snow, but I had no idea they were calling for a semi-blizzard. I drove up Friday and it began to snow as I entered the Richmond area. I was so excited because I actually like driving in the snow when it's light and the roads aren't scary. I got to her house and we then set out for the Cheesecake Factory.
We had a yummy dinner and then ventured back out into the snow. It was a little like being back in Massachusetts. The snow was accumulating pretty quickly.
After cleaning off Haley's car in the parking lot, we headed back home. I spent the night and woke up to a complete winter wonderland.
We bundled up and got creative with make shift snow boots and headed out to clear off my car and see if I could head home as planned. That night I had a dinner club meeting and intended to get back for it.
Well I got out of the drive way and wound up stuck in the middle of this street. We were able to dig out the car and park it on the side of the street, but I decided it might not be a good idea to head home so soon. So I was snowed-in in Richmond. We had a fun night watching movies, playing games and eating pizza as the snow continued to fall. Haley has to reschedule her birthday dinner outing so perhaps I'll be able to attend the rescheduled dinner at the Melting Pot in January. Sunday morning I was able to get on the road and got back home in time for church. Here are some shots from the drive home.
The roads were clear, but I enjoyed the winter scenery as I drove back to Virginia Beach.
Happy Birthday Haley!! I'm glad I was there to celebrate with you!

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