Christmas Day: the Barkers

Next it was over to the Barkers for Christmas morning round two.
Anna and I got the cutest Willow Tree figurines from mom that mean "someone loved".
Adam got some lovely clothes for work.
Mom got some new clothes to wear on her trip to Paris.
(A cute jacket and a comfy outfit for the plane ride.)
Brad got some sweaters for the trip and new PJs and books.
Then mom was surprised by the cutting machine she had wanted last Christmas and forgotten about over the past year.
Anna got all kinds of books, some DVDs, a new jewelry box and then we gave her a valor outfit and itunes gift card from us.
Adam was thoroughly surprised by a coat that he had wanted, but thought was sold out in his size at Macy's. Mom and I were sneaky and totally tricked him!It's neat because the sweatshirt part of the jackets zips out to change the look.
Once again Samson had fun helping clean up the left over wrapping paper.
Our big gift from my parents was our new grill, which was delivered to the house a few days before Christmas! IT IS AWESOME! We've already cooked on it twice since Christmas.
I got some new clothes and a beautiful antique punch bowl with matching glasses as well.

Mom's big surprise was her anniversary gift, a gorgeous new ring from Brad!
All I can say is that we are so spoiled!

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