Christmas Day: the Herndons

Christmas morning started bright and early at the Herndon's. We headed over with Samson to enjoy cinnamon rolls and open gifts.
Samson and Auntie Amy
This year's theme according to Ev: Big things in small boxes, small things in big boxes.
Ev's birdfeeder
Evan's speaker system
Robin's family tree frame
Amy's earrings
My big gift in a small GPS/ heart rate monitor...half marathon training here I come!

Cool home themometer
Spirit fingers...Ev knows the girl who invented these gloves and UVA recently got on board with them. GO HOOS!
Because we're headed to Italy this summer for our five year anniversary, the Herndon's gifted us their remaining Euro coins from their Rome trip last summer.
Even Samson joined in on the gift opening. Here he is openning his own toy.
He had a lot of fun with all the wrapping paper.
The Adam's big moment at his parents...his new tool box/organizer.
As always it was a very merry Christmas at the Herndon's.
From there we headed over to the Barker's, while Evan and Amy headed to the Vaughn's and Robin and Ev headed to northern Virginia for Xmas dinner with Robin's family.

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