The Christmas Season: Small group celebration

To launch the Christmas season,
our small group was invited to the Butler's for a Christmas dinner party.
We had delicious salad, lasagna, and homemade bread.
Ashley arrived a little later...(can you see the differences in these two photos?)
Eddie and Gloria in the kitchen with Laura and Lyz
We played an exciting game of dirty Santa!
He's REALLY excited!
Adam's know him and Starbucks.
TJ LOVED the soap!
Gloria wound up with male body wash...I guess Eddie got a double gift this Xmas.
Starbucks gift cards
Gloria made some amazing cakes...we enjoyed them!

Josh got a hold of the camera!
Playing Fact or Crap
Our small group
It was a festive evening full of fun...GREAT MEMORIES and a great way to kick off the Christmas season!

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