Thanksgiving Day and the Pumpkin Pie Throw Down

This Thanksgiving we stayed in Virginia Beach and had dinner with my parents chez Barker. Our family was joined by Cola, Dennis and Evan as well and later by our pie throw down judges and a couple of Mom's students from Hampton.

Samson did very well meeting all his new dog friends at my parent's place.Gotta have the sisters photoMom's beautiful holiday tableThe turkeyStuffin muffins (one of three stuffing recipes of the day)
Time to eat...we had turkey, ham, three stuffings, two gravies, sweet potato souffle, two mash potato recipes, broccoli casserole, cranberry chutney and was quite the meal and I LOVE the sides!
A few hours later, we were finally ready for dessert and our first Thanksgiving Throw Down (Bobby Flay style)...we had five pumpkin pie entries and even a trophy! (I have to admit that I was a bit obsessed with the throw down and the puppy and didn't get many shots of the rest of the Thanksgiving meal...Cola did however so check out the rest of the eats.)Our judges..Leanne and her husband

and the winner is...
Mom's pumpkin cheesecake!
Next year we'll be having a soup throw down...maybe I'll make my pumpkin soup.By the end of the day...everyone was full and ready for a good night's sleep...even our sweet puppy. He was worn out by all the day's events! A good time was definitely had by all.
Man do I LOVE the holidays!
Winding up the break...That night Anna and I went black Friday shopping at the Williamsburg outlets followed by a couple black Friday buys later that Friday. Now that was quite the adventure...rain, crazy lines and experience to say the least and we sisters bonded of course. Then Saturday we met up with the McCormicks who were in town visiting family and had some lunch. They also got to meet Samson and then we parted ways to go and watch the UVA/ Tech game. The Tech side of the family was happy with that outcome and Samson got the CUTEST UVA/ Tech scarf...with both schools represented. (Picture to come) Then Sunday we got to hear from our new pastor for the first time as he was finishing the candidating process. Praise God we now have a new senior pastor after a two year search! Overall it was a GREAT break and now back to the grind for a few more weeks before we celebrate Christmas!


Jessica said...

I have got to have the recipe to those stuffin' muffins! They look fantastic! Looks like you had a nice holiday - and I love your new puppy! :)


Megan My Dear said...

we make stiffing muffins too! that way all the stuffing is crispy!

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