Calling for votes!!

I've really been enjoying my new photography hobby over the past couple years and I am finally ready to put up some prints in the house. I am going to start a small gallery space on the wall over my stairwell. Here's where you come in...I have picked through my photos for some of my favorites from the past year and now I need you to vote for your favorite FOUR! Two will be 8'x10' and two will be 5'x7'. I'll compile your comments and finally have my prints made.
ENJOY and thanks for chiming in!
I hope you'll comment with your votes to help me start my hall gallery!


Anonymous said...

I would say I had a "gut" reaction to 5 of them... 1,6,8,9,13. Happy decorating and good job!

 Shelby said...

Here are my picks!! I, along with Hale, had "gut" reactions to a few of them. From those, I tried to pick ones that were different yet still flowed together. They ALL look great!

#13 This one reminds me of a postcard/print I've seen with the girl in the field looking yearningly at a house in the distance. Great shot! Where is this?

#11 BEAUTIFUL angle!


I honestly couldn't decide which Venice one I liked best...but it's a toss up between #10 and #2 but I think #2 is my fave! It makes me so excited to see what's at the end of the tunnel!

(BTW...I think you should DEFINITELY do a Venice framed collage...those pictures are gorgeous! I would do #10, #2, #4 and #14...such great shots! BTW again, I really hope that' Venice that I'm actually referring to. I know it has a lot of water and boats so that's where I'm drawing my assumption from!)

(And I'm kinda hoping that camera will be in tow to capture SUPER fun wedding moments that occur before the Big Day...AHHH 98 DAYS!!!)

Let me know what you end up doing :) xoxo

The Sydnor family said...

Wow! Beautiful work! I liked them all but 1, 2, 6, and 10 really stood out for me.

Darren and Lindsey Dean said...

Hi Lady! THey're all beautiful!

I love #9 and #13 as your 8x10s - those are my faves!

I also really love #8...

Let us know what you pick! Good luck!

Laura and TJ said...

I am loving them all, but I would pick 1, 8, 9, 11. You are such an awesome photographer! I agree that you should do a framing project of just Venice. :)

Colleen Young said...

great pics..i vote for 1 and 3:)
miss you!!

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