Adam's 1st Triathlon

Adam recently completed his first triathlon in Hampton.
I went along to cheer him on and document the event.
Getting ready to start the race.
Ready to race in his special triathlon suit with his official race number.
Starting the swim...I believe it was a 1000 meter swim in open water...the current was pretty crazy!
The swimmers seemed so far out in the bay!
Coming in from the swim!
Making his first transition...each person had their own transition area.
Leaving for the 21 mile bike ride.
Returning from the bike portion.
Adam beginning the final leg of his 8k run (5 miles).
My first sight of him coming towards the finish line!
Crossing the finish...WAY TO GO ADAM!
He finished the race in just under three hours, which was awesome for his first time out. I was so proud of him because I know how hard he'd been training as he worked towards this goal.
I can't wait to cheer you on at the next race!

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