Retro post: Cabin Weekend 2011

We all arrived Friday night to relax and enjoy each other's company, so no photos because this photog was off duty for the evening. This year Samson had the pleasure of visiting the cabin with us and I am happy to report that he was VERY well behaved, even entertaining at times as he barked at horses and jumped off the porch. He loved running around in the woods and exploring the mountain and while I was nervous we wouldn't be able to relax with him there, we still managed to have a very relaxing weekend!
On Saturday, we had many visitors stop by and the Herndon/ Sydnor clan were among them! We met little Henry for the first time. He and Evelyn who also made the trip are almost the same age, but more on that later. Even Raph got to join us for the afternoon!
Reading to Sophia was surely a highlight for me...she's just so sweet and cute!
Then we all ventured down to the apple festival where we walked around, shopped for apples and enjoyed tasty treat like apple cider, apple donuts and apple fritters!
Even Samson got an apple treat...well maybe not an apple treat, but dog treat from Sophia.
After our adventures at the festival we all headed back to the cabin for chicken chili, a weekend staple and some down time.

Check out the NEWLY WEDS! They got married the weekend before in Richmond as mentioned in an earlier retro post and ended their honeymoon with us at the cabin. It was so fun having them there with us...we even surprised them with decorations where they always sleep to make it honeymoon appropriate...though they sleep in the hallway romantic right (wink)?!
Everyone hanging out...doing what we do best up here on the mountain.
This was Evie's first cabin weekend. I think she enjoyed herself too!
It was also Chris's first cabin weekend...I think it lived up to all the hype, of course!
Evelyn and Henry were both born this summer just weeks apart.
Henry meet Evie...Ahhh, new friendships formed at the cabin from a very young age.
Then Celeste, John and Arianna came by for a few hours.
So many sweet babies all around to play with!
After hanging out with everyone and finding some adorable things for Arianna at my second visit to the festival...night fell...which meant one more visit from Blah who was in the area apple picking with Doug (now a future Mr. Blah)! We hung out eating dinner and chatting about a possible winter trip to New York, which is ACTUALLY when and where they got engaged!!!
Dinner was followed for some by a nap by Justin's amazing bonfire...ADAM...
and for the rest of us by fire talking the night away and enjoying everyone's company... mom fell out of her chair when it tipped over randomly from being on uneven ground and I literally thought she was about to fall down the mountain!!! Luckily, this wasn't the case and after the shock wore off, we all went back to roasting smores, telling stories and doing whatever it is you do around a camp fire.

Always one of my favorite weekends of the year and this year was no exception.

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