The Business of Being...Levi

Well I've been hanging around this world for ONE MONTH now and here's what I think about things so far...
I'm happy to report that I already have my mom and dad wrapped around my little finger. I am quite the cuddly fellow. In fact I don't like to sleep unless I'm being held. I've just been so used to hearing mom's heartbeat these past 9 months, that I find it comforting to be curled up right on her chest or sometimes dad's. I mean a heartbeat is a heartbeat, so I don't mind cuddling with dad too and the occasional grandparent or tati. Just don't put me down. As long as someone is holding me I'll sleep for a couple hours at a time. I might like my swing or vibrating chair eventually, but for now nothing beats the warmth and comfort of being held. People keep telling mommy and daddy to enjoy it while it lasts and I know they do.

In other sleeping news, I sort of had my days and nights confused when I first arrived home, but now that I've seen sunlight I'm getting that all figured out.
Everyone that sees me tells me how cute I am and how much I look like a BOY and that there's no mistaking my gender. Thank goodness! I was born with quite a bit of hair making my mom's months of heartburn well worth it. I also have long eye lashes that curl beautifully. I think mom's a little jealous.

Everyone keeps trying to figure out if I look more like my mom or dad. I'm a really good mix because everyone goes back and forth. I'm pretty sure I have my mom's nose and my dad's lips. When I was born my hair and skin tone seemed on the darker side like daddy's, but both have gotten lighter as the month has gone on, so we'll see. Speaking of a color that's still up in the air...MY EYES...they're a really nice shade of blue, but I'm told all babies are born with blue eyes and since my dad's eyes are brown and mom's are a greenish blue...there's only a possible one in four chance that they won't turn brown. Dad's also happy for me that I don't have ears that stick out...they're pretty adorable if I do say so myself.

Everyone has also really like my name. Mom and Dad kept it a secret until I was born, which I hear drove my grandparents crazy. They're hoping my next brother's or sister's won't stay a secret. Hopefully they'll let me in on the secret at least. I was named after Levi in the Old Testament, one of the 12 sons of Jacob that the Levite tribe was named after and the Levites were charged with taking care of the Temple. I share my middle name, Sheldon, with my grandfather who I sadly never met, but I've heard was one heck of a guy. My parents knew they wanted Sheldon to be my middle name, so they started brainstorming first names and mostly considered Biblical names since they tended to like them best and Dad's is one too. When they stumbled upon Levi, they both loved how it sounded with Sheldon and after finding out I was in fact a boy they knew I was meant to be a Levi. It's a perfect fit!
In terms of other things I love...I have to say that I LOVE a good bath! Maybe it's because the warm water makes me feel like I'm back in the womb. It doesn't matter how upset I seem right before bath time, I breath a literal sigh of relief when mom puts me in my tub and pours the warm water over my belly.

I had my first couple visits with the pediatrician, Dr. Vernacchio. He's pretty nice. I found out at my one month appointment that I've gained a pound and grown an inch and a half since I left the hospital. I am pretty long my arm span is super long. I'm a growing boy!

Speaking of growing, I like my mommy's milk and when I'm hungry I make sure everyone knows it. In fact I have a bit of a temper. My cry gets stronger and even vibrates. (A friend of mom's called this the goat cry.) My face gets really red and the vein in my head bulges. There's no missing when I'm mad. Sometimes daddy will give me a pacifier and I can tell the difference because nothing comes out after a few sucks, which makes me even more frustrated until I get the real deal, the booby. I like to eat every 2 to 3 hours or so and I like to eat as soon as I wake up.

Mommy and Daddy are also really concerned about exposing me to germs, so we just hunkered down this month and hung out at home. There's plenty of time to take me to church, youth group and out and about. We had a few different visitors though who brought mom and dad meals and I'd let them hold me for a bit before getting fussy.

Want to know how to guarantee a fussy Levi? Put me on my tummy! I am NOT a fan of tummy time and I make sure everyone knows it. I know it's good for me to strengthen my neck muscles, but I just do NOT like it. I mean I have a pretty strong neck already. Why do I need to practice picking my head up anyway when I've been holding my head up for the most part since birth as long as someone is holding me upright. Just watch out because sometimes I get tired and let my head go limp when you're least expecting it.

Question...What is my  mom's obsession with my diapers? She pays such close attention to how many pee pee and poopy diapers I have and then when it's a poopy diaper, she obsesses over the color. She does not like a green colored poopy diaper, let me tell you!

Mom's been patiently waiting a long time for me, but now that I'm here she says being a mommy just feels right. Daddy says being a dad is awesome...he's so descript, isn't he (wink). They are both tickled by my very occasional smiles. I make them work for those smiles though. It's like being a teacher, you can't smile for the first few months, right...don't want to spoil them.

Of course this has been a month of firsts...
      Met Nana, Pappy, Grandma, Grandpop, Tati & Uncle Chris for the first time.
      Saw my new house and nursery for the first time.
      Met my furry brother Samson for the first time.
      Experienced a blizzard for the first time.
      Visited my parents' small group for the first time.
      Celebrated Valentine's Day for the first time.
      Got my picture taken professionally for the first time.
      Got my first nickname, Leviathan (a sea monster), from Uncle Chris.
Overall,  in my FIRST MONTH I've enjoyed the business of being CUDDLY.

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