Great Expectations II: 21 weeks

How Far: 21 weeks

Weight/ Clothes: I've felt heavy this week, but the doc said I was right on course with my weight gain and I believe I'm still behind my weight gain with Levi.

I have been enjoying my new maternity items. I had an excuse to  buy a new dress for a 30th birthday cocktail party over the weekend. I really love it and can't wait to wear it some more. The nice thing is it's dressy enough to wear to nicer occasions but casual enough to wear for church. I also got a couple cute pairs of linen maternity pants, a great cotton maxi dress and a few more tees. Thanks Mom for always spoiling me!

Cravings: salad...perhaps because I feel so full after I eat and salads feel lighter.

Gender: It's funny to get people reactions now to the fact that we're having another boy meaning two boys pretty close in age. I pretty much get the feeling that they wish us luck as there'll be a lot of energy to burn as the boys get bigger and of course they'll probably eat us out of house and home. But I also know they'll be great for each other when it comes to being playmates. I know it will be chaotic a lot of the time, but God knows what He's doing.

Movement: Definitely feeling the baby move on the inside each day...mostly at night when I get ready to go to sleep because I'm finally still and the baby isn't being rocked to sleep by my being in motion. My placenta is on the front, so it's still too hard to feel anything from outside. Sorry Adam... hopefully soon.

Symptoms: I've been feeling super full when I eat this week...must mean my stomach is good and squished! Otherwise more of the same...eye twitches, heartburn and the occasional headache.

Mental State: We've left Levi with a baby sitter a couple times in the past few weeks...the gender reveal and our friend's birthday party this was nice to get out for some adults only occasions. I know we need to enjoy these opportunities while we can over the next few months because there will surely be a period after the baby is born when we're limited again and now it's bound to get a little more tricky and expensive getting a babysitter for two kiddos.

Appointment Updates
: I had a good appointment with my midwife. She was very pleased with how everything is going and says I'll probably continue to just skate right on through this pregnancy.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting all gussied up for my friend's 30th birthday celebration. I felt super cute in my new dress and even wore dangly earrings since Levi wouldn't be pulling at them all evening. The icing on the cake is that she's expecting too, so there were three different fun mocktails to enjoy at the party, which was truly enjoyed and appreciated by this preggo. We had such a fun time!

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