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My SECOND MONTH of Life has been pretty exciting, so here's what I've been up to lately...
It's been a great month and I'm growing like a weed. Mom thinks it's funny because I'm getting to be a bit of a chunker...or a fava bean rather than the string bean that my brother was. I even have a couple little rolls in my thighs, which she also thinks are super cute. She's always talking about how different I feel when she picks me up because I'm so solid. I was in Virginia to start out the month and  I went through my first growth spurt and Mom woke up on the middle of the night and said I literally looked bigger. I guess that makes sense since I do a lot of my growing at night.
It was fun being in Virginia for my first trip to the Cabin at Graves Mountain Lodge. I got to meet tons of AWESOME family and family friends, but I told you about that right at the end of my one month post. After Cabin weekend, I headed back to Virginia Beach with all my grandparents to spend the week. Our first night there I got to meet my Aunt Amy and Uncle Evan. They are pretty fun!  I also got to meet a few more of Mom and Dad's friends from when they lived in the area like Miss Crystal, Ms Alicia, and Ms Angie.
 Mom spent the week getting ready for Tati's book themed baby shower, which I got to attend as one of the few boys there that Saturday. Sawyer was there to keep me company thank goodness or I would have felt weird being the only guy. Like I mentioned earlier, I was going through a crazy growth spurt so I actually slept through a good portion of the party. When I was awake here and there Mom and friends held me, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it lulled me right back to sleep most of the time. Tati really enjoyed the shower and we all can't wait to meet my new cousin Talia in just a few weeks!

Speaking of sleep, I'm still a big snoozer especially during the day. I like to take a couple really long naps and can fall asleep almost the rock n play, in the swing, on the floor and especially in my carseat or Mom's carrier. I get up once or twice a night because I'm hungry, but then I go right back to sleep. I know Mom really appreciates that and is looking forward to the day when I'm not waking up at night anymore like my big brother. For now I'm enjoying the one on one time.
My pacifier and I are still good, good friends! I've also found my fists and occasionally I like to give them a good chew.

I had my two month pediatrician appointment and I weigh 12lbs 5oz. and I'm 24inch long, so I've really grown. I looked good at my check up and I had to get a few shots. That part wasn't much fun. I cried for a second, but then Mom fed me and I felt better.
I've been having lots of fun with the family. We went to the pumpkin patch one afternoon and we went to the Boston Children's Museum. They were both really fun outings, which truth be told I dozed on and off through, but had a good time none the less. 
Then it was Halloween and boy did I have fun! I got to dress as a banana because my brother was Curious George. Mom took lots of pictures and carried my around while Levi trick or treated. I can't wait to get my own candy like him next year. We were a pretty cute team if I do say so myself!
Three days later my cousin Talia was born. She and I are really close in age...just under three months apart, so that's pretty cool. I even got to fly down to Raleigh just me and Mom to meet her and surprise Tati. It was my second trip by plane. I'm going to be a frequent flyer just like my brother. It was a quick trip, but Nana was in Heaven holding me and Talia at the same time. They were also all amazed at how much I had grown since seeing them all in Virginia. I think that's probably the big trend this month, how much I've grown. I also got to meet my cousin Linda while I was in town visiting.
I've also started to have stronger neck control. My head isn't babbling around all over the place as much anymore, which is nice because occasionally when I'm very awake Mom will let me ride forward facing in her carrier and I can see everything that is going on in the world. It's pretty interesting to watch.

I cracked my first smile this month and am becoming quite the cheery little fellow. Mom and Dad are eating it up! I have them right in the palm of my hand.
This month has been full of exciting new adventures and I've really been soaking up fall from playing (aka laying) in the leaves to enjoying the brisk fresh air as we go for walks in the stroller. 
There have been many firsts lately...
      Met my Aunt Amy and Uncle Evan (orUncle  J as we're taking to calling him)
      Attended a baby shower.
      Met more of Mom and Dad's Virginia friends.
      Surprised Tati and Uncle Chris in Raleigh.
      Met my cousin Talia.
      Visited the pumpkin patch.
      Visited the Boston Children's Museum.
      Dressed up for Halloween.

It's been a great second month of life out of the womb and I know I have LOTS of cool first life experiences to look forward to. Lately, it's been a BIG (both literally and figuratively) SECOND MONTH of life.

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