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My FOURTH MONTH of Life has been pretty exciting, so here's what I've been up to lately...
I'm keeping up this fun pace with all sorts of new experiences! Christmas continued since my last entry and it only continued to get more and more fun. I went to our youth group's city wide Christmas event to start this month off. Mom and Dad had the funniest sweaters on with reindeer whose noses lit up! Then we had our own Christmas morning at home since we'd be traveling to Virginia for Christmas. Mom and I watched Levi and Dad go ice skating on the Frog Pond for the first time. Levi rode this cool seal thing around the ice and Dad pushed him. Now that is something I definitely can't wait to do. Then we all had a really nice lunch at Ruth Chris and my brother and I were complimented on how well behaved we were. I know that made Mommy and Daddy pretty proud that they could take us to a nice restaurant and we could all enjoy a meal together.
I finally rolled over for the first time on December 17th when we were at the Ross's house for small group!
Later that week we flew to Virginia for Christmas. Daddy did a few of his Airforce days and then met us in Virginia, so Levi and I flew with Mommy just the three of us. I have to say I'm pretty good at this flying thing. Levi and I both usually fall asleep for part of the flight and then Grandpop was waiting for us at the airport. It was fun getting to visit Virginia for a nice, long visit. We got to spend LOTS of quality time with Grandma, Grandpop and Nana since we were in town for almost two weeks. We hung out with Nana while Mommy got a haircut and then we got sushi. Grandma and Grandpop babysat us while Mommy went to a Christmas party and I know she had fun catching up with friends, but I think we had the even better end of the deal getting to have some one on one time with Grandma and Grandpop. I also got to meet Uncle Dan and Aunt Lisa. They're expecting another friend for me later this year and I'm so excited for them (and really me too!)
The Christmas festivities kicked into full gear when I went to Christmas brunch at Leslie's house, so I got to experience that tradition. I also got to see Aunt Haley, Uncle Justin and Sawyer, the Mazzios and the Van Nests at the brunch. I even had a playdate with some of Mom's friends who all taught ESL together. Then we hung out at Nana's with Tati, Uncle Chris and Talia and baked Christmas cookies...well Levi did more of the cookie cutting and baking and Talia and I did some parallel rocking as babies our age do so well. Good times with my cuz. Mom also stamped my feet next to my big brother's to make Christmas mistletoe cards. I also got to meet Uncle Eric, Daddy's oldest friends, and his girls.  I also met Aunt Shelby, Mommy's oldest friends, and Adrienne and Jack.
Christmas Eve was lots of fun at Nana's house. It's so nice having our whole family together including our close family friends.  Nana made lobster fra diablo and I hear it was DELICIOUS! It was a festive night and my brother and I wore our best Christmas duds and everything. Then it was Christmas morning. Santa came and brought Levi and I lots of fun toys and clothes. We must have been very good boys. Levi loved testing out my toys for me...he's such a good brother. After Christmas, Great Granny came for a visit too. I loved getting to visit with everyone in Virginia and I can't wait for my next chance to see the fam. Before driving back to Boston, we made a stop overnight in DC to see friends. We had lunch with Blah, Uncle Blah and Andrew and then we went to Aunt Thais's mom's house to hang out with her, Heath, Isaiah, Sammy and James. I'd already grown a good bit since I saw them at the cabin in the mountains. I love getting to see my Aunt Thais...she really gets little guys! Hopefully I'll get to see them all again sometime this spring.

It was good to get home to Boston in time to ring in the new year. I got to watch the firework with Mom and Levi out our kitchen windows. They were pretty and what loud booms! Dad was working at the Church's First Night event. Then New Year's Day we wore our matching Ohio State gear from our Ohio family fans...we grabbed brunch and then cheered on the Buckeyes. 
Speaking of matching clothes...Levi and I got some pretty cool matching outfits for Christmas and I love getting to dress like my big brother and I know Mom thinks it's super cute! I'm wearing 6 month size clothes already and I'm a growing boy getting longer and chunkier every day. I'm a good eater and a pretty good sleeper. I'm also a really happy guy. I love to laugh and I'm very ticklish. I also think my brother is funny and I love to laugh at him and play with him...well he mostly plays with me, which is a good thing since he thinks all of my toys are actually his.
To finish out the month I went to my first birthday party for Levi's gal pal Tabitha. It was a festive time celebrating her second birthday.
There have been many firsts lately...
        Rolling over for the first time.
        Celebrating my first Christmas.
        Attending my first birthday party.

It's been a great fourth month of life out of the womb and I know I have LOTS of cool first life experiences to look forward to. Lately, it's been a FESTIVE  FOURTH MONTH of life.

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