My first 3 mile run!

For many a three mile run is no big deal, however, for someone who has never run that far before I was pretty thrilled! Who knows maybe my desire to actually run a half marathon could someday become a reality.It was nice out Friday so I decided to jog down at the ocean front on the boardwalk. I figured the sound of the ocean waves crashing along the shore would be a perfect distraction from my pounding heart and heavy breathing. Indeed it was! I kept up my pace and ran an entire three miles! I was so excited I thought I'd share, and hopefully by sharing it will force me to continue running that distance and further. I'll keep you posted...there is a Shamrock Shuffle half marathon here in the spring, maybe I'd be ready by then. Guess we'll see!



Congrats Jess!

I've been starting to run too...slowly but surely (verrrrry slowly) building up that distance ability!

Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

You should definitely run a half marathon! I just finished my second one and I am doing the Shamrock full marathon in March!

Heath&Thais said...

Yeah! You're running. Next summer it's you and me and the half marathon!

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