Waves Winter Retreat

This past weekend was our first winter retreat with the Waves.
We stayed at a conference center in Waynesboro and enjoyed the slopes at Wintergreen.The weekend started out Saturday night with worship and some crazy games.
Jason from Deep Creek Baptist lead worship for the weekend. The same youth pastor who partnered with us for the New Years All nighter. He's a lot of fun and the worship was great.
Then there were the always necessary crazy games...such as bobbing for Venanna Sausages in Jello followed by making BP&J with feet...
Then a team member had to actually eat those sandwiches!
They all performed like champs.
Our retreat speaker Scott encouraged the students to step out of their comfort zones and talk to a stranger to find out about their story and to try it for homework at the ski slopes. He also wanted to reshape how we see our relationship with God and Jesus. He explained that rather than Christ creating a bridge for us to cross to be with God, he actually come down into the chasm where we were in sin and lifted us out. It was an encouraging message on how we are to act as Christians as we partner with God while he works in the lives of those around us. (I had a chance to practice the homework on Sunday when my car broke down and I rode from Charlottesville to Virginia Beach with a very nice tow truck driver. I learned a lot about him and it was a bit of an adventure...but that's another story.)Sunday began with breakfast and a team challenge full of more team building games. Then there was another session with Scott who spoke on our view of authority and how authority is meant as a means of protection rather than a means of power being forced upon us. Then everyone got ready to head to the ski slopes for an evening of night skiing, snowboarding and tubing. Thankfully there were no major injuries, only a few bruises. However, Adam still got to take his first trip to the emergency room with students...they all checked out with a clean bill of health though thank goodness. (I headed back to Virginia Beach at this point since I had to be back in town to teach on Monday, which had been a holiday but became a make up day after our "NO SNOW DAY".) They had one more session on Monday with Scott and then headed back to the beach.
This display was waiting for Adam and I when we returned to the Shed. Wasn't that soooo sweet! It was a huge Valentine's Day card to Adam and I signed by our students along with balloons, flowers and a frame. It was REALLY thoughtful. We feel so loved!

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