Williamsburg Shots

Adam was away in Charlotte, NC for a seminary class this weekend and I figured it'd be the perfect time to get to know my new camera. So my mom and I headed up to Williamsburg to spend the day taking pictures. We made a pit stop in Hampton for lunch at the Grey Goose, a cute little tea restaurant. Their signature salad is pictured below...shredded lettuce topped with a slice of pineapple, half a peach, their special dressing and a cherry on top.
Then we went on to Williamsburg to have fun taking pictures.
I spent the afternoon playing with my new camera, the Nikon D60.
In the shot below of the hedge you can really see the depth of field, which I captured by accident, so I'm still figuring that skill out...depth of field is one of the major reasons why I wanted a more advanced camera to begin with. Right now I get excited when it happens, but I haven't fully figured out how to control when it happens.

Then we continued walking around... After a couple hours of walking around taking pictures, Mom and I decided to stop at the well known Williamsburg Restaurant at Merchant's Square, The Trellis for their dessert Death By Chocolate. I had always heard of it but had never had a chance to stop in.I have been dieing to have a camera that takes pretty pictures of food...since I do sometimes post recipes and shots of my latest creation on the blog...but my little point and shoot camera always came up short on making the food look as yummy as it usually was...this may no longer be a problem. Check out these shots...they still make my mouth water!

and after! Seven layers of chocolate goodness!

When we walked out of the restaurant and were thinking of heading home, we happened to run into a photographer who was also taking some shots around Williamsburg. Well we must had the luckiest timing because he told us that his photography club was just getting ready to meet up and shoot some pictures at dusk, which I later learned was the magic hour because of how the light bounced off the atmosphere. He invited us to join them and boy did I learn A LOT! Here are some shots I got at dusk and night WITHOUT a flash!! Shutter speed is a NEAT thing let me tell you! All I need to invest in now is a tripod because I kinda used my mom's shoulder as what we took to calling a bi-pod to reduce the shake when the shutter was open longer. I'm sure it was quite the scene, but we had the best time and learned a TON!

I will never look at glass the same again! Check out that reflection! Well, it's a start to my new photography hobby and I can tell this new photography club is going to teach me a ton! I can't wait for their next gathering next month.


veganmegan said...

i would love a better camera too! one key in taking food pictures is to turn off the flash. If you can get the food under good light don't use the flash and it will look beautiful!

Arielle said...

We should go to Botanical Gardens together soon! I love the picture of the trees lining up. Beautiful.

I also agree about the no flash.. Also, angles are really important.

Heath and Thais said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

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