Dinner Club Continued...

Our monthly dinner club parties have continued to be such fun...this past month's theme was "round food", which you can really do a lot with...however we were curious to see how the foods went together. We had everything from meatballs and homemade rolls, to couscous, pinwheel mac n'cheese and my wedge salad with poppy seed dress (to round out the menu) and much more...
Here's the gals getting ready to chow down on everything round...this was our first party where everyone was able to make it.
It was all pretty tasty...and dessert was so fancy!
Homemade chocolate cups with mouse and an apple tart.
I realized as I was getting ready to post about January's dinner...I hadn't posted about the last one I was able to attend in November.
The theme was Mexican food...hence the sombreros.
I didn't get any pictures of the dinner items that night...but I did get some shots of us making...FRIED ICE CREAM!

That evening we had enchiladas, a yummy Mexican rice dish, a Mexican bean salad and a cheese dip as an appetizer along with the fried ice cream of course! We're really having fun trying out new recipes. This coming month's theme is family recipes you've yet to try making. I'm going to make my Nana's lasagna for the first time.


Thais said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm sure it was all delicious.

Jessica said...

Dinner Clubs are the best - we just started one over here with our friends!

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