It's beginning to look a lot like...BOSTON!

If I didn't know any better I would think we had moved back to Boston with the weather we got this weekend! I do love a snow storm though (I thought Richmond's would be the only one I would experience this year though)...I don't love them as often as they happened up north, but I welcome an occasional snow. This one came when I needed it most...I have been so busy lately and did not see a break in sight, but the weather Gods helped out and cleared my calendar for three days straight!
Even Samson got acquainted with the white fluffy stuff!
"What is this stuff?"
Then he got to playing in it! Now that was funny to watch.Adam and I took a ride during the storm on Saturday and it was pretty reminiscent of the "white out" I experience up north.
What's a "white out" you might ask if you've never heard of one? It looks a little like this...where all you see is white...When I first heard the term I thought it had something to do with power outages due to snow like a "black out". These piles of snow remind of Boston SO much!
Hopefully they will melt a little faster here then they did up there.
Hope everyone enjoyed the snow and their snow days!

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