An OSL Weekend

This past weekend, OSL had a great get together weekend...two of our far away dwellers were planning to be in town for a visit! Shelby was coming in from Texas on Thursday and Lindsey was coming in from Atlanta on Saturday. (Crazy timing and what a coincidence or good timing huh!?). Of course we took this opportunity to all get together and hang out! Haley and Daniel came in from Richmond to join the rest of the Tidewater crew.

Friday night I met up with Shelby, Cola, Dennis and my mom at Kinkaid's to start the catching up! Things seem to be just peachy for Shelb down in Texas...she's working hard, taking good care of Justin, making great friends, loving running (her new hobby), and even volunteering with the Junior League. Hopefully we'll all get down there for a ladies weekend one of these days to see her new life first hand and get to be apart of her new surroundings!
I had to include this silly shot...classic Shelb fixing her hair and me cheezin' for a picture.
After Kinkaid's, Shelb and I headed over to another local's spot in Norfolk, though I'm drawing a blank on the name at the moment, to meet up with the rest of OSL for dinner.
Then after dinner, we headed over to the Mazzio's for some late night hanging out and dessert. Lisa hadn't been able to join us for dinner since someone needed to be home with the sleeping twins (and they had a babysitter lined up for Saturday night's OSL gathering), so we tried to keep the noise down for the sleeping angels, though we were more successful at some points in the night than at others...but none the less we had lots of fun chatting and continuing to catch up with everybody on the latest of life.
Saturday morning, I had Apples of Gold (a separate post) and met up with everyone that night at a cool restaurant called The Boot in Norfolk. It's a swanky place that uses solely local resources/ products. This is a fave spot for the Mazzio's and the Gage's and we all found out why! The food was DELICIOUS and sophisticated, from scallops and black fettuccine to butternut squash pasta it was all wonderful. Saturday's dinner we were joined by Lindsey, who had come to town to go wedding gown shopping with her sister-in-law-to-be, Adele. (I saw some pictures of possible gowns...and she is going to be quite the beauty!) Again we caught up on the nuances of Linds' life in Atlanta, the Dean's new house, their church shopping experiences and the possibility of buying a boat to add that extra touch of fun to their Georgian lives.
Everyone at dinner Saturday night
(Dustin, Adele, Lindsey, Lisa, Dan, Me, Adam, Adam, Ashley, Austin, Courtney and Haley)
This shot was classic...
Those were a creative appetizer of risotto balls. Pretty tasty and fun to look at, plus I love how happy Adam is in this picture!

We finished out the night hanging out at the Gage's where we continued to talk, while some rock band was played. Another fun development from the evening is that Dan and Lisa may be joining us on the Italy trip as well. If you haven't heard, Adam and I are planning a trip to Italy for our 5 year anniversary this August and we will be joined for a leg of the trip by Courtney, Austin, Haley and Justin and now possibly the Mazzio's as well! The weekend was rounded out by the Gage's joining us chez Herndon for the Superbowl...Shelb was going to stop by, but had to fly back to Texas early due to all the snow storm craziness! Loved seeing everybody...Can't wait for our next chance to visit!

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