Apples of Gold

Some of you have heard I've been participating in a group mentoring/discipleship program called Apples of Gold that allows some of the younger women in the church to connect with some of the Titus 2 women at Atlantic Shores. This is the test run for our church's Apples of Gold program, but it has been AWESOME so far to say the least.

The first hour is spent in the kitchen where we watch a cooking lesson thematically matched to that days lesson. Kathy Overmeyer is teaching that portion each week and it has been so fun to watch her at work. It's like our own personal, interactive cooking show.Then the second hour, the younger women break off as a group to go over the lesson with one of the mentors who's been assigned that week's lesson. Thus far we've covered kindness, loving your husband and loving your children and these women are a wealth of imformation, experience and wisdom.
Upon finishing the lesson, we all enjoy a time of fellowship and further discussion over lunch, which is a sampling of what we've learned to cook earlier that morning.I am just soaking up every minute with each of these women. Not only am I learning a lot, but I am also getting to meet women from other areas of the church, whom I have not come in contact with which in turn makes our church seem like an even more intimate family. I am so thrilled to be apart of this pilot program and can't wait to encourage other friends to join in when the next session comes around! If you have Apples of Gold at your church, you should definitely check it out or ask about starting the program because it is a wonderful way to connect with different generations of women in the church.


Celeste Ainsworth said...

That's so cool!

Colleen Young said...

That sounds like a great program..and so necessary!!! I learn SO much from so of our older women!!!

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