My cousin Marissa's wedding

A couple weekends ago, Adam, my sister, my mom and I headed up to Long Island for my cousin Marissa's wedding.

Visiting with everyone before the ceremony began...
Awaiting the ceremony's start...this is our cousin row
Isn't this idea absolutely ADORABLE!
The Bride circles the Groom seven times in an traditional Jewish wedding.
The cocktail hour where we enjoyed whole lobsters!
The Sacks cousins
The Bride and Groom's big entrance into the reception
Their first dance
Dancing the Horah
Listening to toasts
The cake
The two Adam's we've added to the Sacks family
Our family out on the dance floor...we danced up a storm!
Mother Son Dance
Father Daughter dance
Getting ready to cut the cake.
Some family photos...

A lot of fun with a frame!
It was a beautiful wedding and we all had an absolutely wonderful time.
We had such a blast with all of our cousins especially.
Marrissa and Adam, cheers to a wonderful life together!
(Sidenote...the camera guy was going to skip the cousin table, but we flagged him down and everyone made me the cousin representative on the wedding video...good times!)

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