You will be missed!

My Papa, Felix Giuffre, passed away about a month ago at the ripe old age of 92. We should all be so lucky to live such long, full lives.
Many of you have already heard and some of you were even able to celebrate his life with us when we headed up to Arlington National Cemetary for his burial just a couple weeks ago. Adam had the honor of officiating over the religious aspects of the ceremony and Papa recieved full military burial honors. It was really a lovely service leaving him to rest with his fellow comrads whom he'd always been so proud to serve our country with especially when fighting in Japan during WWII (anyone who knew Papa knew how much he LOVED to talk about his time in the war).
Also known as Mr. Terrible because when asked in a restaurant how he enjoyed his food, he would always respond that it was "terrible" and that they should bring him another to try because in fact he loved all sorts of food and this was his unusual way of complimenting a dish. After the memorial we headed to a spot in Reston to enjoy a meal with the family. My Uncle Victor toasted to Mr. Terrible and hoped the food would be as "terrible" as ever in his honor. We will miss you Papa, I'm so thankful for all the family occasions we got to celebrate together from your 90th birthday to family weddings to so many festive Christmas's! You must be having a ball in Heaven.

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Celeste said...

This was a really sweet post, Jess.

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