The Carters at Our House and Our Open House

Thais and Heath were in Virginia for Christmas this year and lucky for us, they had a chance to come down a visit for an afternoon. I was excited to finally show them our new place and spend time with them in our neck of the woods.
Even the pups got a chance to meet.
Samson meet Violet!
After catching up at our place for a while, we grabbed lunch at Baker Crust.
I'm going to be spoiled this year seeing Thais at the holidays and in DC the weekend of Celeste's baby shower and in March for a youth conference that Adam's hoping to attend in Chicago. Lucky ME!

Later that night we had our first Christmas Open House.
It was a great way to usher in Christmas with all its fun festivities!
Reagan loved the hot apple cider!
Good times! Merry Christmas...let the Christmas festivities begin!

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