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I'm finally getting caught up...where has the last month and a half gone...I'll tell you...I've been working really hard on getting my National Board Teaching Certification, which I am SO excited about! There are only 80 teachers who are actually certified in my school district, so it's a pretty big deal. My portfolio is due at the end of March containing four papers where I reflect extensively on teaching ESL as well as two videos of my teaching (which I taped my second one today...whoohoo) and documentation of my accomplishments as a teacher. It's all well on its way, which is good because instead of giving myself a year like most people to get everything together and done...I gave myself three months after qualifying for a grant at the last minute for this year's entry...a little crazy, but who turns down free funding?! Oh well, you know me! It is quite an undertaking, but one I am REALLY enjoying and feeling challenged I'll keep you posted. I take my exam in April and find out the final results next November (yes quite a while away)...but the benefits of getting certified will be awesome! So wish me luck...and hopefully I'll be able to update the blog a little more here and there between working on this project, helping with wedding plans for two of my best friends Shelby and Haley who are both getting married this year...not to each other of course...but the planning provides a great distraction when I need to focus my mind and energy on something besides education for a bit because I LOVE WEDDINGS, oh and I'm in the process of directing this year's one act play! (I'm finding I always need a project...last year's was planning Italy and other various summer excursions while juggling these other odds and ends sorts of things.) Love you all for loving me just the way I am...crazy projects, business and all!

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Anonymous said...

OMG ! I didn't realize you were doing all that in such a short time! You are soo impressive! I'm so proud of you! Good luck with the final pieces!!!

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