Chi Alpha 10 year anniversary

A few weekends back, Adam and I headed to Charlottesville for the weekend to celebrate Chi Alpha's 10 year anniversary. Friday night there was a wonderful worship service full of laughs, memories shared and a challenge from Pete to not forget our roots. I am so thankful God got ahold of me while I was at UVA. Wow how my decision to follow Christ has CHANGED my life!

After the worship service, a bunch of us headed to Little John's for a late night snack.
It was fun to run into a group of younger Chi Alpha grads when we got there.
Crazy to think that us "05 grads are the oldest alum for the most part since we were the first big graduating class.
Saturday morning, I headed over to Celeste and John's to meet Arianna Joy before that day's festivities!!
What a sweetheart!
From there Adam, Celeste, Arianna and I all headed to the gardens at UVA for a reunion brunch for all the Chi Alpha alumni complete with Bodos bagels.

It was amazing to see the new generation of Chi Alpha kids too!
It was also great to catch up with far away friends and meet new friends to Chi Blah's boyfriend, Doug.
From the gardens, Adam and I wondered over to the lawn for some pictures in front of the Rotunda...since Adam had missed out on these shots from our five year UVA reunion last year.
A jumping shot without any casualties this time...right Andrew ;)
From there we grabbed Take it Away sandwiches and ate on the lawn.
Then Adam and I met up with a few of the Chi Alpha crowd at a vineyard over near Monticello.
Then we headed back into town to get ready for that night's Chi Alpha Development Dinner where I caught up with my fellow alumni, parents of current students and even Cav Man was in attendance.
Many people came from far and wide to hear how Chi Alpha has grown since its start my first year at UVA and how it was continuing to impact the university and the world for Christ.
It was a great night of celebration and commitment to supporting the fellowship in the years to come so that it can continue its kingdom work at UVA and beyond. The fellowship that started with 20 students when I was a first year has grown to be the largest student group on grounds with 450 students involved in core groups. I was so blessed to be involved in Chi Alpha while I was a student at UVA and I am always encouraged when I hear about how God's hand continues to move in and through the students at UVA.

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