Atlanta Trip to see the Deans

We've gotten to see quite a bit of the Deans this year between Shelby's wedding in Texas and Haley's upcoming wedding and all the events leading up to it, but Haley had never been down to visit the Deans in Atlanta, so she asked me if I wanted to take a road trip with her to visit and of course I said yes! I had been to visit once before and really enjoyed visiting and getting to check out Atlanta, so off we went.

We arrived in Atlanta just in time for a warm welcome from the extended Dean family as we joined in celebrating Darren's mom's birthday. It was a delicious home cooked meal, just what we needed after being on the road all day. Then we headed home with Lindsey and Darren to see their new place. It is beautiful and they certainly know how to make you feel right at home.
The next day we headed into Atlanta to do the tourist thing. We went to the Aquarium and Coke museum, which are right across from each other.
Entering the aquarium.
I loved this photo...reminds me of kids on a field trip.
Just the girls
Our host and hostess with the mostest
I have always wanted to experience one of these cool aquarium tunnels where the first are all around you. It lived up to my expectations.
The aquarium even had penguins and you could crawl below the tank to get a whole new perspective.
Then, we grabbed lunch downtown and it was off to the Coke Museum.
The museum even had a tasting room with lots of interesting international coke products.
and we got to take home a souvenir glass bottle of coke as part of the museum tour.
Don't they make a great advertisement! LOVE IT!
We headed back to the house and relaxed for a couple hours until Shelby arrived from Nashville to join us for the rest of the weekend.

That night we went out to dinner in Roswell, the cute town where Darren and Lindsey live.
We had a yummy Mexican dinner at Seveche and we wandered around to walk off dinner.
That night we just hung out and did what girls will do...TALK...about life, weddings past and future and even babies...yup, if you haven't heard, Shelby is expecting Baby Sterne this winter!

The next morning we enjoyed brunch at J. Christopher's and it was delicious of course.
From there the girls went out shopping...we were on the look out for a rehearsal dinner dress for Haley and of course we did some fun window shopping along the way.
That night we were all invited to join the Deans at a Braves game.
Darren's dad's company had box seats, it was quite the highlight of the trip.
Heading into Braves stadium...
...and up to the box seats...
The view was fantastic, the game was a blast and the Braves won!
We had SUCH a good time and were really spoiled with all the fun this weekend!
Sunday morning, we checked out Darren and Lindsey's church and actually got to experience its homecoming service, which was neat. Shelby then headed for home and we spent the afternoon chilling at their place and even cooked out that night.

Darren and Lindsey certainly know how to entertain guests and I can't wait to go back and hopefully have Adam join me in the future.
Thank you so much Lindsey and Darren for having us and for all the fun memories we created.

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