DC Boating

Adam did his first two weeks of reserve duty as an Airforce Chaplain this summer. He is stationed at Bolling Airforce Base in DC. I spent the second week up there with him, so we finished up the week by renting a boat from the base (a great deal!) and we took it out on the Potomac with the McCormicks. The weather could not have been more perfect. There was a break from the crazy heat we'd been experiencing and it was a gorgeous day!
We had the pleasure of seeing many of the monuments from the water, which was pretty cool.
Our captain for the day
We meandered down the river past Georgetown.
Our cruising buddies for the day.
Gorgeous views!
Then we headed back the other direction and wound up near Mount Vernon.
This is where we decided to give knee boarding a go...
After our adventures with kneeboarding, which is pretty tough...we headed back to dock.

This is where we stayed...National Harbor. It was a great week!

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