Reto post: Haley's prewedding festivities

We had Haley's Bridal Shower in August. Since she has always loved photography, we decided to give the shower a photo theme. We printed her engagement pictures and hung them throughout the room, placed them in frames everywhere and even set up a photobooth.
Hanging out at the shower
Shelby served the mimosas since she wasn't drinking any of them.
The photobooth
This photo won the photobooth contest that Haley judged.
We also played a game where people had to write as many details as they could remember about what Haley looked like at the shower. She was out of sight while they brainstormed.

Then it was time for the gifts.
Haley and her bridesmaids.
Then after some down time, it was time to take Haley out on the town for her bachelorette party. We took her to Press 626 for a delicious, fun filled dinner.
After dinner, it was time for some spicy gifts perfect for the bedroom and a trivia game.
Haley won panties for answering the questions about Justin correctly.
Then she opened lots of beautiful lingerie and a bottle of wine from each of us that we all labeled together for different occasions.
Then we made one more stop before heading back to my place to wrap up the night.
Shelby was the cutest prego van driver and Lisa and Linds spent some time with the gifts.
All the pretty ladies winding up the night.
Haley seemed to really enjoy all the prewedding festivities and we were all left looking forward to her big day!

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