Retro Post: Emma's pre-wedding festivities

One weekend in August after my travels had finally slowed down, I had the pleasure of throwing my friend Emma's Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party.

My friend Ally and Adam's intern Carter co-hosted with me to create the perfect shower ambiance. We crafted decorations and the night before and it all turned out beautifully.
My co-hostesses with the mostess setting out our yummy brunch spread.
The shower off to a start...

Some games...Emma or Nima?
A bubble gum trivia game too.
Then it was time for gifts...she got some beautiful just a sampling...
I LOVE these coasters...our friend Crystal is SO crafty and talented!
Housewife ready thanks to Linda...
Bride and Groom cute.
I gave her a garter for her wedding day, which I even tea-dyed to work with her gown and a peddi too for those perfect toes in photos.
The Bride and her hostesses
From the shower, we all had a few hours to get ready for that evening's bachelorette festivities.
Nothing too crazy...just some lovely ladies headed out for a yummy dinner at Waterman's followed by some silly games and some pretty things for the honeymoon. It was such a fun night of celebration and it was funny for me because I somehow wound up being the only married lady in tow, haha!
It was a fun foreshadowing of how fun the wedding day would be.

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