Great Expectations: Birthdays and Pregnancy

I celebrated my 29th birthday this week with Adam, my mom who was up from Virginia, Peanut and Samson. It really felt like birthday WEEK because my aunts and cousins were so thoughtful over the weekend surprising me with birthday cakes (ice cream at Aunt Cheryl's Rosh Hashanah dinner followed by Napoleon at Joann's birthday bash for Taylor and Jo) and my mom was around ALL week to celebrate!
At my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Jay's...first to celebrate.
At my cousin Joann and John's...I was one of THREE birthdays!
On my birthday, my mom and I did some shopping around town for some odds and ends I needed for the house like curtain rods and then some maternity items like skinny jeans, a couple dresses and a few light sweaters. I can't wait to wear everything as the fall weather settles upon Boston.
Peanut and I in my new dress ready for a fabulous dinner!
That night we had reservations at a VERY fancy restaurant right up the street, No. 9 Park. We all got dressed, snapped a few photos and headed to dinner. Even Samson wanted in on the picture taking!! He sat down all on his own without even a call. 
What an experience we were in store for upon deciding to experience the 10 course tasting menu (photos to follow)! 
At No. 9 Park
Adam got me tickets to the ballet for my birthday and tasty birthday cupcakes, which we ate the next night since we were stuffed from dinner. 
It's the birthday that just keeps on giving!

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Mary said...

your place looks so cute! is it an apartment, house or townhouse? can we get a photo tour? :)

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