Great Expectations: 22 weeks

How Far Along: 22 weeks

Fruit Size Comparison:Papaya 

Weight/ Clothes: I was in New York this past weekend for wedding gown shopping with my sister, the bride, and when I returned home Adam looked at me and said, "Where did that (belly) come from?" I went a little pasta crazy in New York this past weekend, so perhaps that added to my new roundness...though it may just be my time to round out, haha. Many of my cousins commented on how small I am at 5 months along, which was encouraging to hear since I'm definitely getting bigger...I may have to curb my pasta eating at least this coming week to get back on the wagon, oh well. I also signed up at a nearby gym to stay active and fit. It should also help with labor and delivery at the end of this road. 

On the clothing front, I inherited a bunch of maternity hand-me-downs this week from a friend who attends my old church, Grace Point Community Church. I took home four HUGE bins of clothes collected over the years and passed amongst the pregnant women at that church. There were always a bunch of women pregnant throughout the time Adam and I attended that church, but then we moved and I would have never expected to be part of that maternity clothes exchange. 

I sorted through the bins to see what fit and what wasn't too outdated and kept a HUGE bin of staples, lots of basic tees and long sleeve shirts, a few sweaters, some dressier pants and a couple cute dresses. I've had some money set aside to buy maternity items when I need them and now I won't be needing the simple stuff. I'm really excited to have so many choices since I've been living out of the maternity items my mom sent me for my birthday.

It was also birthday week, so I bought myself a couple pairs of Gap maternity jeans and a great dress since there are a couple actual stores Gap Maternity stores up here. I definitely wanted to try on skinny maternity jeans before buying them, and I LOVE what I got. I also got some ADORABLE light sweaters from Motherhood Maternity from my mom. I'm feeling SO cute!

Cravings: Pasta and delicious Italian bakery goodies! We were in New York after all.

Gender: We're going to find out very soon...but not soon enough as my mom kept reminding me. She is dieing to buy gender specific clothes. My cousins all wanted to know if we'd be broadcasting the gender reveal in a few weeks. Sadly, we won't have an internet signal in the mountains, but as soon as we do we will POST POST POST the reveal results!

Movement: The big kicked me pretty good this week while mom and I were at Whole Foods buying groceries. I was shocked and doubled over a bit once again and it cracked my mom up. Otherwise, I'm feeling subtle movement pretty regularly which is so cool.

I also felt what I think is the baby's bottom the other day. All of a sudden an area of the baby bump got REALLY hard and the skin got tighter. I had my mom feel it too and she agreed that it was definitely either the baby's head or buttox. When I showed Adam, he said I shouldn't poke the baby and that the baby was probably thinking, "Can't a baby get a little peace in WOMB?!" My husband cracks me up.

Symptoms: HEARTBURN to the HILT! Yikes! But Zantac is my new best friend and seems to be REALLY helping!

Still snorting when I laugh...gosh I hope this goes away after the birth. I can't snort when I laugh for the rest of my life. It is sooo embarrassing and makes me laugh even harder at myself, but I just can't control it.

Mental State: I was nannying this week for a friend's kiddos. That's right, two kiddos, a 6 month old and a 2 year old toddler. The kids are so sweet, but it is an eye opening experience hanging out and entertaining a 2 year old for 8 hours while watching an infant at the same time. We had fun and I think I handled it all pretty well, but I left each day thinking I was thankful to be starting out in the world of parenting with one baby and then easing into toddlerhood and all it's nuances since toddlers seem to have pretty short attention spans. Each day I came with a new simple cooking project to work on and pass some of the time (apple crisp and rice crispies). It's funny to me when kids don't like being messy/  sticky even if just for a few minutes until the project is complete.

I'm so excited to meet out own cuddly baby in just a few months!! I can't believe I'm already over the half way mark!

Appointment Updates: I had a doctor's appointment with the OB, so she could take a look at the swollen spot in my underarm. She wasn't too concerned and wanted me to use warm compresses and Tylenol to see if whatever was irritated would go down. She also used the doppler to check in on the baby whose heart rate was 150 and he/she was moving all around again. The doc found the heartbeat and would then lose it and have to go searching over and over.  I found it pretty amusing actually.

Is this normal? Strange occurrences: I'm sweating a lot more than I usually do...interesting.

Best Moment of the Week: Auntie Anna picked her wedding gown this weekend while mom and I were in New York and it was fun to think that there might be five girls in the salon dressing room or four girls and a sneaky boy present. (Anna, Mom, Me, Teresa and Baby Herndon) There was also so much good news to celebrate with my family in New York. We got to see pretty much everybody on both sides of the family!

My birthday was also a highlight this week. Mom was here to celebrate with me and Adam and she treated us and Peanut to a wonderful 10 course dinner at No. 9 Park. The chef made my food pregnancy friendly and it was fun when the waiter explaining each course of the tasting would explain how I was "special" and therefore had a slightly altered menu item. It was ALL super delicious and SUCH an amazing culinary experience!

Adam also got me tickets to the Boston Ballet for my birthday since I've always wanted to go to a real ballet, so now Peanut will get some added culture while still in the womb since the first show we get to go to occurs after my trip home in October and then another around Christmas. I am one lucky girl!

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