Great Expectations: 19 weeks

How Far Along: 19 weeks

Fruit Size Comparison: Mango 

Weight/ Clothes: I definitely feel like I "popped" this week.

I'm wearing a combination of maternity and regular clothing still. I'm excited for fall weather and fall layers.

One of my friends from our old church up here, Kim, has offered to lend me a bunch of her maternity clothes too! I'm pretty excited about it. More options without having to spend a ton of money. (Thanks Kim!)

Cravings: Nothing this week that I can put my finger on.

Gender: No new news this week...waiting for cabin weekend and the BIG reveal! If this baby is a girl, Adam is going to be a VERY SHOCKED fellow! 

Movement: I think I'm beginning to feel movement. I am not absolutely positive, but I've felt a little something a few times that made me wonder and knowing how hard it is to tell with your first baby, I'm thinking that this is very likely movement.

Symptoms: I've had moments where I feel like I'm starving this week, which wouldn't be so strange except I will have had a good size meal a few hours earlier and then suddenly feel like I could eat everything in sight. It's made Adam chuckle a few times.

On the flip side, I've had moments where my belly feels SOOOO full from top to bottom! Literally STUFFED. Now I can understand why the British refer to pregnancy as "being stuffed". It's a strange feeling and I then have some difficulty getting comfortable.

I also get out of breath so easily at times. Makes me feel way out of shape, but usually it has nothing to do with my activity level being overly strenuous. I think it's pretty normal.

Mental State: My friend Shelby texted me this week on August 30th to remind me that Baby Herndon was due in exactly 5 months!! Wow, our lives will look pretty different 5 months from now!

Life is beginning to slow down for me some this week, which is actually refreshing and yet strange since so many of my friends from Virginia Beach headed back to work this week with the start of the new school year. I miss teaching a bit, butI have loved catching up with friends at my home school and helping my ESL replacement get settled even from far away. I am turning in my substitute application this week for a flexible job op and I'm nannying for my friend Kim for a few days later in the month while she does new job orientation.

I'm also feeling very productive in terms of baby preparations. The nursery is well on its way (furniture is all put together thanks to Adam and in place with the exception of the glider, which is due in any day now...and we returned the one we ordered because it wasn't very comfortable.) I won't post pictures until it's more finished though because it's lacking the pops of yellow for now and I don't want to spoil the finished reveal.

We've also begun our registries (Babies R Us and Land of Nod) since Robin, Adam's mom, is planning a baby shower for my visit home in October. I have been a busy bee researching gear and I'm finally feeling like most of the big decisions are researched, decided and out of the way. This feels like a GREAT accomplishment since all the stuff that babies seem to need can be pretty overwhelming if you let it be. I've looked back at saved emails about registering from moms who have gone before (thanks Lisa), thought about what I've seen so many of my mom friends using, gotten feedback from Shelby who figured her way through so much of the gear through trial and error and was actually hanging out with MY MOM this past weekend, and also a great blog, Lucie's List, that breaks down the essentials and gives reviews and research. 

Appointment Updates: Nothing new this next centering appointment is next Thursday.

Is this normal? Strange occurrences: A gland is my armpit must be irritated from shaving because I can feel where it is swollen. This used to happen to me as a teen going through puberty, but it hasn't happened in years.  My guess is it has something to do with hormones (the cause of everything, right!?!)

I have also had sharp, sudden, shooting pains in one of my breasts on occasion this guess is it has something to do with preparing for milk production and breast feeding, but it is SUPER weird!

Best Moment of the Week: Seeing the nursery furniture all put together and in place including an AWESOME five foot giraffe that my mom sent us. She noticed that there was a large giraffe in both nursery inspirations and found this guy for ours. My mom's newest nickname is Nana Fronk (Father of the Bride wedding and baby suite planner). Samson is actually scared of the giraffe, haha!


Grandpop said...

Great update!

Melinda Barker said...

Great pics and info! Can't wait to see the progress of your baby bump and Peanuts nursery in person, counting the days! Love you guys, Nana Fronk

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