Great Expectations: 20 weeks

How Far Along: 20 weeks (HALF WAY!!!)

Fruit Size Comparison: Banana

Weight/ Clothes: Strange to say...but I feel like I've either stayed the exact same size this week or possibly shrunk a little. For a few days last week, I really felt like I'd "popped"...but some days this week I've felt smaller. Maybe I'm just getting used to this being my new body for the next few months.

Then again, people around me here keep commenting on how I don't look pregnant at all...this could also be getting to my head, though I will say in some shirts I could definitely hide the fact that I was expecting if I wished to (flashback to the weird nightmare I once had about being pregnant and being one of THOSE woman who did not know about it until out comes a baby...the way things feel/look right now I could believe I had just gained some extra weight), but I can't get away with wearing my regular size I am definitely wearing a bump!

Friends who have known me longer can/will see the difference. It's so strange being some place where no one knew me before being pregnant. I guess it will be fun to return to my pre-baby weight and surprise everyone that I INDEED looked pregnant after the fact, haha.

Cravings: Nothing really...boring I know.

Gender: Waiting...and getting a little more antsy/curious/excited to find out! I'm happy waiting though to be with everyone for the big reveal.

Movement: Houston, we had our first serious KICK this week! I've definitely been feeling slight movement in the form of waves/ ripples at times, but Saturday night when we got home from a free concert on the Esplanade I was headed into the elevator when I felt something like a crazy muscle spasm right near my belly button. It was CRAZY! I kind of doubled over not from pain, but more from the surprise. I began laughing and explaining to Adam who must have thought I'd gone crazy that I was pretty sure the baby had just socked me in the stomach. I haven't felt anything like it since, but I asked a friend here who recently had a baby and she confirmed that what I was describing was indeed most likely a kick.

Symptoms: I've had some discomfort sleeping lately, which seems crazy to me because my belly is NOT THAT BIG AT ALL...but I am finding it hard to get comfortable at night. Mom picked up a discounted Snoogle though when she was shopping with Shelby and Cola in Tennessee, so I think that will make a world of difference as soon as I get it.

I've also been waking up 3, 4, 5 sometimes 6 times a night to pee! No wonder I feel a bit tired even though my energy level has been on the up swing. Guess it's good preparation for waking up later on to feed, right?!

Mental State: Nothing to heavy clouding my thoughts this week, though I have found myself wondering what my days will look like once the baby gets here. I try to think about what my stay at home mom friends keep busy with day in and day out...but I guess we'll just have to wait and see. I'm really looking forward to this new style of busy with baby. I had a pretty relaxed week otherwise, which is why I had time to ponder such things, and the week was followed by a fun filled weekend. 

Appointment Updates: My next centering appointment is this Thursday and Adam plans to attend this time. He'll get to hear the baby's heartbeat and participate in all the fun. I'm hoping my blood pressure was a fluke thing last time. A friend here even lent me a blood pressure cuff to test for my own peace of mind. 

Is this normal? Strange occurrences: Nothing comes to mind this week, which is kind of nice.

Best Moment of the Week: #1: Definitely THE KICK! I love how these moments make me giggle out of pure joy. 

#2: Having AMAZING free tickets to Sunday's Red Sox Game. (8 rows behind the Red Sox dug out). It was fun getting a photo of me and Peanut at the game...this was actually Peanut's second Red Sox game this season. 
First game back in Boston (below).
This photo feels a little reminiscent of this photo we took 6 years back when we moved to Mass. the first time around. I started this here blog with said photo. 

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Cola said...

You are a beautiful Mommy to be!!! I can't wait to see you! I hope the Snoogle is helping!!!

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