Great Expectations: Car Seat Safety

My next essential baby item to research was the car seat. I knew I wanted an infant seat that I could carry and transfer in and out of the car in case Baby Herndon falls asleep, but I also wanted the utmost in safety since motor vehicle accidents are the #1 cause of fatal injuries in children. THIS IS A BIG DEAL ITEM!

At first I had considered the Chicco Keyfit (mostly because I thought the colors were cute, BIG SURPRISE RIGHT!?!), but I heard it could be a challenge in terms of compatibility with the Baby Jogger stroller I I moved on and kept researching.
Then I looked at the Graco SnugRide, which seemed cute as well, but I figured it would be best to read up on all the differences between the popular and stroller compatible brands. I figured all these seats had to be safe since they are so popular and considered to be best in class, but which is truly BEST?
Well, I read some more reviews all over the internet and found out that the Britax Chaperone is the only infant seat to receive an EXCELLENT rating by the independent crash testers. It tends to be a little larger in comparison to these other infant seats or the alternative Britax option, the Britax B-Safe, but my fusion has a very spacious back seat, which should be suitable. This seat is also a little more expensive ($40 give or take), but I feel like it's worth the extra when it comes to safety plus there's always the off chance of finding a sale or using a coupon.
There you have decision making process in choosing a car seat. It's decisions, decisions with all this baby stuff...but it's so much fun doing the research and talking to friends about their choices and experiences to finally figure out what I would like to go with for Baby Herndon.

What's been your experience with car seats and brands? Did you use an infant seat or just a convertible seat?

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