Great Expectations: Strolling along

Strollers can be QUITE the investment, but being that I now live in a city and a major walking city at that I'm either going to invest in a really good stroller the first time around or probably buy two or three along the way that will probably not hold up as well to all the walking, cobble stoning and popping up and down sidewalks.

Here was my starting point based on what I've observed around the city and knowledge of friends' strollers.

I've been making a concerted effort to check out the many strollers I see people pushing around town as a starting point for my research. Thus far, here are what seem to be the top contenders.
The Bob

Jeep Brand jogger

The City Mini
The City Select
(Owned by numerous friends of mine)
Adam and I would prefer a true jogging stroller for regular life as well as actual jogging. I can't wait to walk/jog on the Esplanade with Baby Herndon. After seeing the Bob at Babies R Us we knew that was the stroller style of our choice, but I really wanted to compare it to the Baby Jogger Brand actual joggers.

We went it Isis Parenting today and were able to compare strollers side by side. I opened and closed the Bob and the Baby Jogger Summit and wheeled them around. I was sold on the Summit (first choice) or the City Elite both by Baby Jogger. I found the Bob harder to close and the floor model had some issues from so much usage, but I expect we too will get a lot of usage out of our stroller.
I feel so relieved to have one more major item decision under our belt. There's so much stuff when it comes to babies!! Wow!
Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts and experiences with any of these strollers or other great options you may know of!


yllekelly said...

Jess! First time around, we got the Jeep Overland jogger and a Maclaren umbrella stroller. Now with #2, we need a double stroller. My advice? Don't buy the big expensive one unless it converts to a double (if you're thinking more than one kid). We have the Jeep Overland that we'll be selling cheap in a few months, if you want it. And we just got the Baby Jogger Summit XC Double off craigslist. At least in Cville, joggers are easy to come by on CL...but high-end name brands are harder to find (in good condition and worth the price).

Laura and TJ said...

Consignment and craigslist have helped has helped us so much with keeping things in budget.

Jessica said...

I *love* my Baby Jogger City Elite. I would recommend it in a heartbeat.

Courtney said...

We LOVE our Baby Jogger City Elite. You can try it out at Cabin Weekend if you can hold out on purchasing that long!!! <3

Becky said...

We have a Bob stroller for running/walking outside and an Uppa Baby G-Luxe umbrella stroller for shopping, etc. I love both and am so happy with them! I first only had the Bob, but had a hard time manuevering it through stores and other places, so that's why we ended up getting the umbrella stroller as well.

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