Great Expectations: 16 weeks

 How Far Along: 
16 weeks (Change of photo this week due to travel...but still goes along with the black dress against grey wall idea.) 

Fruit Size Comparison: 

Naval Orange

Weight/Clothes: I feel like I've definitely "popped" this week. You can really see it in pictures from Blah's bachelorette weekend. I'm still wearing my regular summer tops some of which hide the bump more than others. Fitted tanks definitely show off the pump though like the one Jen made in this picture.  I still feel like it's not completely obvious or assumable that I'm expecting when strangers see me in fitted items. I could just be chubby, but I'm not...there is indeed a baby in there (crazy)!!! My maternity capris are getting TONS of wear! I definitely need to invest in a nice pair of maternity jeans next and a couple new bras because I've been living in sports bras, but I think it's time to move up in the cup race. 

Cravings: SOUP!!! Last week I made chicken chili and this week I'm planning to make French onion. YUMMY!

I'm also really into salad this week. I'm trying to amp up my veggie intake. Also, my gummy vitamins are AWESOME! No more vitamin induced nausea!  

Gender: Wow are the votes in and it's pretty much unanimous that we're having a boy. Only a couple people felt any inkling that we might have a girl compared to the masses that vote boy. I'm really thrilled either way, so bring on a little man! 

Why do people seem to think we're having a boy? Well, they say my face hasn't changed and girls supposedly make the mom's face change or "take away her beauty" as many say. It also seems that I'm carrying more forward rather than all around and maintaining my shape, which is also supposed to be typical of a boy more so than a girl. Finally, upon serious close looks at the first big ultrasound it's thought that we're having a boy because the ovaries aren't lit up and there's a blurry area that could be male genitals. 

Guess we'll see. It's still going to be a while before we know for sure. I'm enjoying hearing everyone's guesses. 

Movement: I can't say I'm feeling bubbles or gas movements, which is what I've been told to look for, BUT in the morning I occasionally wake up with a mounded area to one side of the bump and then it will even out once I get up. It's like the  baby is curled up to one side and then gets re-situated when I get up. 

Symptoms (discomfort, belly issues, nasal issues, sleeping, etc): 
Round ligament pain...YIKES! It was so nice to hang out with another pregnant bridesmaid who is a week ahead of me and hear that the random pains are typical. A couple times I've stopped up too quickly and just been doubled over from the round ligament pain, but I just take a minute and it usually passes pretty quickly.

Feeling great this past week otherwise. I've been traveling quite a bit and the timing has been perfect because my energy is  way up, except when I hit my limit walking or waiting in the heat, aka NYC subway...soooo hot!  

Mental State: I feel like I'm accomplishing so much and being productive. I've almost finished my latest photography projects: my last summer wedding, a business shoot for my stepdad and an engagement shoot for my sister. There were a couple outstanding house organization projects I wanted to wrap up as well and I've been able to get them done between trips. Now my travel is wrapped up, so I can finish my outstanding photography work and complete my last organization project of the basement storage area. I'm not one for procrastinating, so I love checking things off my to do list! 

Then it's on to focusing on the NURSERY! YAY! 

Appointment Updates: I have my first centering appointment tomorrow. I am so excited to get to hear the baby's heartbeat with the doppler and meet the other ladies in the group. It was also fun to see Adam's new boss, Chris's wife, Laura who suggested my doctor's practice and come to find out she is expecting her fourth and is due two weeks before I am! 

On that note...may I just say how fun it is to have friends expecting at the same time as I am. It's fun to chat about pregnancy with them and keep up through the blog-o-sphere even! Shout out to Ashley, Celeste, Kelly, Laura, Bri, and Courtney and who knows...there could be others before Baby Herndon comes along! YAY! 

Is this normal? Strange occurrences: All the walking I've been doing around Boston and New York has been great exercise, though I get a little more winded at times. I think it's normal...something to do with a pregnant woman's lung capacity. 

Best Moment of the Week: My sister meeting me at the airport and seeing my newly popped baby bump, which she got really excited about. It was so fun and cute. This was followed by a a great girls weekend in NYC where I could compare notes with one of my fellow bridesmaids and share fun pregnancy stories with everyone. We all just had so much excitement to share in between Blah's upcoming marriage and the two bridesmaid babies that are on the way as well! 

Side note: Wearing a team bride shirt is a great way to get tons of attention when wandering around the city. We constantly heard whispers of "Team bride", "Look team bride", "Where's the bride?" and "Congratulations!" It was so much fun! 

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Kelly Baker said...

You look great! And it is fun to keep up with your pregnancy. Now, I won't just have to get the dl with Celeste! Lol. And just FYI, you are doing way more than I could do. Subway? Walking around NYC? No thanks! (and I'd have serious muscle/back/joint pain after an afternoon of that much activity! -kelly

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