Great Expectations: You're going to be a dad!

I had a hunch I might be pregnant at my sister's college graduation when I cried like a baby as they began playing Pomp and Circumstance...
...but it was way to early to know anything.
PS...see how happy my mom looks here...she too wondered if I was pregnant and time would tell.

Well Adam left for six weeks to attend Airforce Chaplaincy School and because of my crazy cycle and spotting I've experienced during the early stages of pregnancy...we assumed I was indeed NOT pregnant. I even took two pregnancy tests for peace of mind since my cycle seemed weird, and even a week they were both negative. A few more days passed and things still seemed strange, so I bought yet another pregnancy test. It was a Monday afternoon. I came home from school, took the test pretty sure it would be negative and then suddenly THERE WAS A PLUS! I could hardly believe my eyes. 
I cried...tears of joy and tears of fear. 

I knew Adam was coming home for Memorial Day Weekend since he had a three day weekend and I decided I wanted to tell him in person and do something fun and special, so the only person who knew was my sister because she got to my house moments after I'd taken the test and I couldn't hide the emotions on my face. We did however keep the news under wraps later that afternoon when we saw my mom and she was suspect. 
(Side note: Anna was also the first to know about my impending marriage proposal since Adam needed her help to get in touch with my dad.)

So how did I finally decide to tell Adam our news?!?

I purchased a Father's Day card and my first baby clothing buys...
Redskins onesies and an adorable little Redskins sweatshirt.
Since I knew at this point we were moving to Boston, I figured these items would be pretty hard to come by up north and I knew Adam would be tickled.
 Then I waited for Adam's arrival. 
While waiting, Samson took a look at the baby goods.
Adam finally got home and noticed the outfits, but he didn't even think twice about things because my mom's been known to shop. 
Now the Father's Day card threw him for a bit of a loop.
He looked at it and then asked, "When's Father's Day?"
I replied, "In a couple weeks...but think about it."
Suddenly his face lit up and he asked, "Are you pregnant?!?"
I replied, "Well someone here is and it's not you. (hehe)"

Adam was so surprised and excited, and I was thrilled to finally get to tell him the BIG news!


Melinda Barker said...

So sweet! I remember asking you why you were crying at Anna's graduation when the music started to play...I knew then...remember...Momma always knows! So happy...tears coming down my face..{hugs to you and peanut}

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